Club Terms & Conditions

Please find the General Conditions and Restrictions of the Diplomat Club below.


​The updated version of the terms and conditions of the Club Diplomat, will always be available on the website, or may be requested in the same way in any hotel that is part of the chain Diplomat Hotels SA It is the obligation and responsibility of all Club members Meet and comply with all the rules and policies of Club Diplomat, any additional important information for partners and account statements of the accumulated points, may be consulted directly with the account manager (for corporate clients) or with our CEM consultant (for investors ).
Club Diplomat policies may be modified and / or replaced in whole or in part at any time by Diplomat Hotels SACurrently, membership of the Club is free and at no cost to the member, however, Diplomat Hotels SA reserves the right to establish at any time, a charge for membership of the Club.Diplomat Hotels SA may share the personal information of the Club members, as well as any third party that performs administration, publicity, operation or management of the Club, may also contract with third parties to process the information of the members in Representation of Diplomat Hotels SA, however, these third parties will be obliged to comply with all the rules and privacy policies of Diplomat Hotels SA, when processing such information. If the partner provides Diplomat Hotels SA with an e-mail address, Diplomat Hotels SA may send e-mails to that address unless in writing it requests its cancellation. In addition, the partner gives its consent for Diplomat Hotels SA to obtain, compile, exchange, update, collect, process,

Membership to the Club is personal and non-transferable and only one person may be associated with each account.

Diplomat Hotels SA may transfer the ownership of the Club as well as contract its administration (including, but not limited to the operation of the same, advertising, among others) to another entity, without notifying the Club members. In such case, such entity will have the same rights and attributions that correspond to Diplomat Hotels SA under these terms and conditions, or as agreed in the respective documentation.

Diplomat Hotels SA will be the final and competent authority regarding the interpretation of these terms and conditions.


  • The discounts apply to the cardholder, which must be presented at the time of consumption.
  • All accommodation and events reservations must be made with a minimum of 15 days and are subject to availability at the time of request. At the moment of requesting the reservation, full information of the partner must be provided.
  • When the discount must be applied for consumption in some of the restaurants of the participating hotels, you must notify before making the consumption and present the card that credits you as a member of Club Diplomat. It is suggested to make a previous reservation.
  • To obtain discounts in force with allied companies and which are not part of Diplomat Hotels SA, it should be consulted on the website


  • The accumulated points have no monetary value and in no case can be bought, sold, exchanged or transferred or mixed with the balance of another member of the Club (even if there is a family relationship). The purchase, sale, exchange or transfer in any title of prizes for personal gain or of third persons is also not allowed unless Diplomat Hotels SA, it mentions in a punctual promotion. Points, benefits or prizes will not be valid if they are transferred in exchange for cash or any other form of consideration or remuneration. Members who engage in any of these practices (as well as any person using any benefit obtained in this way) shall be liable for payment of the full fee associated with the damages and / or damages caused to Diplomat Hotels SA,
  • The points may be accumulated from the beginning of the membership, when an account number is assigned. The number of points to be credited will depend on the conditions of accumulation of the Club that are in force at the time of use of the services.
  • For the purposes of this program, points will be accumulated for one year, from the moment their account number is assigned; Once the year is over, the remaining points will be erased and another equal period will start again, unless the conditions of accumulation of the program are changed, so that the conditions in force at the time of renewal will apply.
  • Specifically for this program, for every $ 200,000 in accommodation will be assigned 10 points. Two pockets of points will be created during the time period mentioned in this document: i) One that adds up to the end of the period and represents the accumulation of your aspirational goal. Ii) Another that is being deducted in the measure that hotel prizes are redeemed.
  • To ensure that you receive the points credit corresponding to any applicable transaction, the member must ensure that they present their Diplomat Hotels SA account number when making reservations at Club affiliated hotels.
  • Members may monitor the crediting of points in their accounts through the account statements that will be sent periodically to their email address.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the member to ensure that the points credit he has earned is correctly credited to his account.
  • Any claim regarding the partner’s Diplomat Hotels SA statement must be submitted within three (3) months of the transaction. No claims will be accepted after that time period. The request for accreditation of unregistered points in the partner’s account may be made through email or by contacting the Club administrator.
  • For the accumulation of points to apply, it is necessary that the reservations contain the correct first and last names of the partner.


  • Diplomat Hotels SA will be the only competent authority to establish the number of points necessary for the redemption of a prize.
  • The availability of the prizes, benefits and / or prize reserves may depend on the dates, seasons and destination, among others.
  • The partner of Diplomat Hotels SA shall be responsible for the payment of any fee, charge and in general any sum of money that is imposed as a tax, tax, or fee to be paid for the redemption of any prize or benefit derived from Club Diplomat.
  • The redemption of points may have an administrative charge imposed by Diplomat Hotels SA, which must be canceled by the partner at the time of redemption
  • The redemption of points must always be done by the account holder, you must present your photo ID and deliver your number Diplomat Hotels SA Under no circumstances is it possible to redeem points from a Diplomat Hotels SA account by a third party. If the redemption is made through the Call Center, the account holder must validate his identity with his PIN. Otherwise, the transaction can not be performed.
  • Date changes are possible only if they are available.
  • If the goal set at the beginning of the membership is reached, an application must be made to the Club Diplomat, so that its prize is awarded; The delivery of the same between 15 and 45 days after the request, this will depend on the nature and conditions of the prize.